The Ryse Recon eVTOL that could be yours next year

Ryse Recon
First flight for the Ryse Recon eVTOL. Photos and video: Ryse

So you want your own electric Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft (eVTOL) and you want it soon. Not in five or ten years but now. A new company, Ryse, is flying its eVTOL, the Recon, now and planning to start operational trials in September.

The Recon aimed at farmers, vineyard owners, park rangers and anyone with a lot of land and able to be flown with minimal training under the FAA’s Part 103 rules covering ultralight recreational aircraft.

Ryse’s objective is to have the Recon in production as early as the first quarter of 2023, going on sale at $150,000.

The Recon has six independent motors which provide lift and forward propulsion, and is expected to have a range of 25 miles with a cruise speed of 35kt and a max speed of 50kt.

Ryse Recon eVTOL

Recon has an estimated 25 minutes of flight time

Ryse has issued a series of ‘sound bites’ about the Recon:

  • It’s like an aerial ATV anyone can fly, without a pilot’s licence
  • Our mission is to make flight more accessible to more people
  • Helping farmers, ranchers, vineyardists get where they need to faster
  • Safety through redundancy: 6 independent motors, 6 independent batteries, 6 independent systems controls
  • AI system stability. Pivotal turning. Seamless takeoff and landing
  • Ultralight eVTOL means no runway needed
  • When you have thousands of acres, you want to get from A to B as the crow flies
  • Soil sampling with minimal crop impact
  • Recon is short for reconnaissance –  surveying crops, searching for livestock.  sampling, photographing, travelling from Point A to Point B.

Ryse Recon


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