TL Sparker coming to UK... at a price

Incredible performance, incredible price, that’s the new Sparker 600kg microlight unveiled by TL-Ultralight and confirmed as coming to the UK by the agent, Peter Ronfell of TL-Sting (UK) Ltd.

Performance first: figures released by the Czech factory give a Vne of 181kt, cruise speed of 162kt and stall speed of 44kt.

Price: the provisional UK price tag is £185,555 plus VAT – a total of £222,666.

So what is the Sparker? It has two seats side-by-side, low wing with retractable undercarriage, airframe constructed from carbon fibre with a Kevlar inner shell to protect the occupants, and it’s powered by the ubiquitous 100hp Rotax 912ULS.

TL Sparker

TL Ultralight, based in the historic city of Hradic Kralove, says the Sparker is a clean sheet design to make the most of the new 600kg weight limit. Cabin is a useful 1.25m wide, wingspan 9.0m and overall length 6.63m. Empty weight is 350kg giving a payload of 250kg.

There are no fewer than three Garmin ten-inch G3X Touch displays with full 3D synthetic vision. Flaps are electrically operated, and there are two luggage compartments.

TL-Sting (UK)


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