UK's Vertical Aerospace eVTOL makes first flight

Vertical Aerospace VX4 first flight
Vertical Aerospace VX4 first flight at Cotswold Airport

+VIDEO The UK has joined the worldwide race for a viable production Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft – Bristol based Vertical Aerospace has given its fully electric five-seat VX4 its maiden flight!

The flight took place at Cotswold Airport. The team said, “Our full-scale electric aircraft successfully flew at Cotswold Airport, reaching our target speed of 40kt (just over 40mph or 70kmh) in a series of rigorous, remotely-piloted ‘thrustborne’ test flights.

“The only full-scale eVTOL aircraft in the country, the VX4 lifted, hovered, flew and landed, powered solely by the thrust of the cutting-edge battery-powered propulsion system.

“Electric flight is within reach.”

A video released by Vertical Aerospace

The company claims the VX4:

  • 100 times quieter than a helicopter at cruise speed
  • Has a 1 mega-watt electric powertrain
  • Same flight controls as an F35 VTOL aircraft
  • Top speed of 200mph
  • Range of 100+ miles
  • Seating for four passengers plus one pilot
  • Zero emissions

The VX4 will be type certified through the UK CAA concurrent with EASA. Its roles are expected to include passenger flights as an air taxi, medevac (medical evacuation) and cargo. The current pre-order book has more than $5 billion worth of sales to leading airlines.

Vertical Aerospace


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