US approves uAvionix AV-Link for certified aircraft

uAvionix AV-Link with AV-30 display
uAvionix AV-Link with AV-30 display

+VIDEO Certified aircraft can now be fitted with the AV-Link ‘wi-fi bridge’ from avionics supplier uAvionix.

AV-Link has been available to Permit aircraft (‘Experimental’ in the US) since May 2021. Three years later, the US authority, the FAA, has approved AV-Link for certified aircraft.

AV-Link can wirelessly connect AV-30 panel displays to a supported ADS-B receiver, such as ForeFlight Sentry or Sentry Mini, echoUAT, SkyEcho, skySensor, or any standard GDL90 Wi-Fi protocol portable ADS-B receiver with GPS to AV-30 and see live ADS-B traffic displayed in the panel.

“AV-Link transforms how these devices work with each other to display data for enhanced situational awareness and pilot efficiency in the cockpit,” said uAvionix.

It’s not been a straightforward certification process, according to Ryan Braun, Chief Operating Officer for uAvionix.

“The journey to this achievement has been formidable, lasting several years while navigating numerous regulatory challenges.

“In retrospect, it has been worth the wait, as the AV-Link delivers out-sized functionality through its Wi-Fi connectivity and sets the stage for even greater interoperability with more avionics systems in the future.”



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