Vickers amphib looking for investors after water tests

Vickers Wave water flight
Vickers Wave in water tests during August

+VIDEO The Vickers Wave amphibious aircraft being developed in New Zealand is looking for new investors to help bring the aircraft to production.

The company, led by Paul Vickers, is buoyed by the recent news from the US authority, the FAA, regarding MOSAIC. MOSAIC is a huge shift in the regulations for light aircraft which Vickers called, “the single largest change in G.A. since it began”.

Vickers continued, “Changes such as four-seats, allowance of commercial operations, removal of speed and weight restrictions, and the use of in-flight adjustable propellers are a few of the changes being proposed.

“The WAVE was designed with these rules in mind, this will enable the WAVE to go far beyond a simple LSA!”

Vickers’ recent achievements include a week of water testing culminating in the first flight off water. The Wave achieved its first flight on wheels off a hard runway back in March 2022. The two-seat amphibian will also be available with the new 161hp Rotax 916is engine. It’s currently using the 141hp Rotax 915iS.

Vickers video of water testing

Key features of the Wave include:

  • Aft sliding doors
  • Cross-over landing gear to allow up to 30 degrees of crosswind on landing
  • Hydrofins with over 4 inches of travel to provide stability on both land and water
  • Aluminium primary structure
  • Carbon fibre hull
  • BRS emergency parachute
  • Electric water thrusters for engine-off manouevring on water.

“We are 13 years into the development of the Wave,” said Vickers. “Our manufacturing facilities are complete, and initial deliveries are scheduled.

“Our business model is achievable, sensible and sustainable. We are offering equity at a rate that should provide an attractive return and allow you to be a part of the team that brings this remarkable aircraft to market.”

Vickers Wave

First flight of the Vickers Wave was in March 2022

FAST FACTS: Vickers Wave

Seats 2
Max take-off weight 1850lb/ 839kg
Max useful load 750lb/ 340kg(option dependant)
Baggage/storage Unrestricted up to aircraft maximum useful load (25cu ft/ 0.71cu m)
Fuel Mogas or avgas
Fuel capacity 60 USG/ 90 litres
Max cruise speed 120kt/ 222kmh
Max range (std. tanks, no reserves) 1100nm/ 2037km
Take-off and landing distance 430ft/ 130m (estimate)

Rotax 915is producing 141hp or Rotax 916is producing 161hp

Wingspan 30ft 10in/ 9.4m
Wing area 150sq ft/ 13.87 sq m
Length 24ft 8in/ 7.5m
Height 7ft 6in/ 2.29m

Internal width 53in/ 1.34m
Length 55in/ 1.40m
Height 44in/ 1.20m

Vickers Aircraft



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