'Why we need an airworthy WWII Typhoon' video live

Bernard Gardiner
101-year-old Bernard Gardiner, who flew the Typhoon in WWII, gets to fly in a Hurricane as part of the video

A YouTube video telling the story of the Hawker Typhoon that played such a key role in winning the D-Day battle to end WWII has gone live.

The video, produced by GA pilot Mark Litherland, a professional film maker, also explains why the Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group was set up by Sam Worthington-Leese and its progress so far.

Mark explains, “It’s a 30-minute film for Hawker Typhoon Preservation Group that explains why the Hawker Typhoon was such an important aircraft in World War II, how it changed the course of the war and that it’s a glaring gap in the warbird heritage. 3317 built, none are flying.

“For me, the highlight was getting to film Bernard Gardiner, a WWII Typhoon pilot, just four days before his 101st birthday and, not only did he go up in a Hurricane, but he went inverted!

“Enjoy the film, don’t miss Bernard flying and support if you can.”

Watch the video here or on YouTube


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