Blackbushe Aviation on track for Sonaca deliveries

Sonaca 200 for Blackbushe

Blackbushe Aviation Flying Club has ordered two Sonaca 200 aeroplanes for its fleet of training and club aircraft.

The club is the first flying school in the UK to purchase these new two-seat trainers which flying school owner and CFI Steve Morley helped to develop for flying school use.

Steve said, “We’re very excited to embark on this new phase of the club’s history. This is a massive investment for us but shows our confidence in the business and in Sonaca.”

Pierre Van Wetter, Chief Commercial Officer of Sonaca said, “We are delighted that Blackbushe Aviation has purchased two of our aircraft . The Sonaca 200 is the first trainer designed and built by pilots for pilots and will be a worthy replacement for the school’s Cessna 152s.”

Co-club owner and safety manager, Alison Morley, told FLYER, “We thought when we took over the club five years ago that we would have to take the plunge and invest in some new aircraft but there was nothing around that we thought would be suitable for the sort of usage our trusty 152s get, which is about 350 hours a year.

“Then Pierre at Sonaca got in touch with his prototype and Steve worked with him on a few modifications and now they are being built and we are paying large amounts of money. The first one is scheduled for May and the second in September. Gulp!”

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