Cirrus Aircraft unveils Generation 2 Vision Jet

The Vision Jet has only been certified and on sale for two years but Cirrus Aircraft has today launched the next generation, the G2.

The G2 cruises at a higher altitude, at a faster speed and with longer range.

The Jet also has an upgraded flightdeck known as the Perspective Touch+ by Garmin. New features include an autothrottle, where the pilot or flight management system sets the speed and the throttle is automatically adjusted.

The flightdeck, based on Garmin’s G3000 system, also has better connectivity, faster processors and higher resolution displays.

Cirrus autothrottle

Cirrus Vision Jet G2 autothrottle. Set the required speed on the autopilot and the throttle will adjust itself.

In the cabin, noise has been reduced through engineering changes, and ‘executive’ seating with a centre console is available.

“The Cirrus Aircraft story is one of relentless innovation,” said Pat Waddick, President, Innovation & Operations.

“Much like the last twenty years of re-imagining the SR Series with constant improvements to performance, safety and comfort, the G2 Vision Jet is the culmination of that same spirit of innovation.”

Cirrus Jet G2 cabin

New option on the G2 Jet is a centre console and work/entertainment centre.

In detail
The G2 Vision Jet goes higher, faster and farther, says Cirrus. The new service ceiling of Flight Level 310 (31,000ft) gives access to Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) flight levels which increase the Vision Jet’s range to over 1,200nm.

On a typical mission, G2 now provides increased flexibility to carry an additional 150lb on an 800nm mission and pushes top cruise speed above 300kt, cites Cirrus.

Garmin’s Flight Stream connectivity system enables a wide range of wireless enhancements including flight plan transfers, database updates, text messaging and more.

It’s in the cabin that the most obvious changes have been made. The new executive seating configuration has two ‘artisan-crafted’ second row seats and a centre console with stow-away tables for a ‘more productive’ in-flight experience.

Cirrus Aircraft

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