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Welcome to the new FLYER

New website, new ideas, still the great content that we’ve been producing for nearly 30 years

Welcome to the new era for FLYER. We are now 100% digital, available on the web on whatever is your preferred device – desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Online is the best way to consume the content we produce. That way you’ll have the latest news, the newest articles, the videos and other graphics, and the most relevant and contemporary commentary.

However, we also have a downloadable pdf version available every four weeks which is a compilation of some of the articles we have uploaded to the website, just in case you want to read FLYER when offline, such as when travelling. Again, the pdf should be viewable on whatever device you like. The June 2022 edition is available here.

At the moment (early May), the whole website is available for everyone to read, except for the parts reserved for FLYER Club members such as free landing fee vouchers, weather briefings and other benefits. However, that will change at the end of May when we introduce a ‘paywall’. Then,  some of the articles will only be available to FLYER Club members. There will also be a ‘Reader’ option, for those who want to read all the content but who don’t want or need the Club benefits.

Some of the site will be available to all, for free. That’s known as ‘Basic’ membership. But we’re sure you’ll want to join the FLYER Club and be part of everything we have to offer.

Click here to see the three options available, Basic, Reader and Club member.

So what have we been up to over the past few weeks? First, we’ve been busy knocking this website into shape. Inevitably with such a big project, some of the tech was difficult to get right but it’s (mostly) working well now. We’ve also listened to comments and suggestions, some of which we’ve been able to implement quickly while others will go on the snagging list.

As well as all that, we’ve also staged another Pilot Careers Live event, produced the annual FLYER Learn To Fly Guide, and attended Europe’s top General Aviation show, AERO at Friedrichshafen, Germany.

The Learn To Fly Guide is an example of how we now work. The Guide is available here which you can either read online or download as a pdf for offline reading. The articles in the Guide are also available on this website here and will be updated and added to when necessary.

For the time being, the listing of Flying Clubs & Schools is not online, only in the pdf. However, that will change as time goes on and we are planning a searchable database of clubs & schools.

All of our extensive AERO22 coverage is available online too, and that’s collated here but is also available in the downloadable June issue pdf.

The thing about a pdf version is that it’s static. Once created, that’s it. It won’t be updated and it doesn’t contain multimedia such as video and photo galleries. For all those goodies, and to take advantage of the FLYER Club benefits, you need to come to the website.

If there’s any part of the new FLYER you wish to comment about, good or bad, feel free to email me: [email protected]

Have a great month flying!


Finding your way around this site

The FLYER home page is the hub of the site. From here you can find most things. To get back to the home page from anywhere on the site, just click on the FLYER logo at the top of the page.

On wider screens, say desktop computers, there is a navigation menu of sections under the logo. On smaller screens, this disappears and you will need to open what’s known as the ‘hamburger’ menu. This is the three-line icon in the top left of the screen. It’s called a hamburger because, apparently, it looks like one…

Click on the hamburger and the extended menu opens. This lists all the sections on the website. Clicking on any of them will take you to an archive page of that content, ie Flight Tests, Flying Adventures, and First Solos. Then just look for the content you want and click on it.

You can also use the search function – the ‘magnifying glass’ icon, also in the top left corner. This recognises key words such as Bodmin, Cessna, electronic conspicuity etc.

Finally, as a FLYER Club member you can access your personal page known as the ‘Dashboard’. This gives you the latest personalised landing fee vouchers, weather briefing and other benefits. You can also see the status of your account.


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