Condor to offer Turbine Hornet STOL kitplane with Heron turboprop

AAK's Hornet STOL. Condor will be offering a turbine powered SSTOL version

Condor Aviation has made a dual announcement saying it has become the UK agent for the new 130hp Heron turboprop engine for light aircraft and the Hornet STOL kitplane created by Australian Aircraft Kits (AAK).

Condor will be fitting the Heron engine to the Hornet STOL, with both becoming available in 2023.

Heron turboprop

Heron turboprop engine for light aircraft

A statement from Condor said, “Condor have secured the rights for the first turboprop engine built for the GA market. As the UK leading R&D / Experimental aircraft company, working with the CAA under ‘E Conditions’, we will be the first aerospace organisation to bring the turbine engines to the light aircraft market.

“Engines will be sold only for ‘Permit to fly’ aircraft and type rating conversions will be available with an Empire Test Pilot Instructor.

“Until flight testing is complete, deposits for the engine will NOT be required or accepted. However, please contact via email to join the rapidly growing list and for more information.”

Heron Engines video

Hornet Turboprop STOL

Condor is working with AAK to offer the Turbine Hornet STOL – ‘the world’s first purpose-built turbine light aircraft for adventurous pilots’. The aircraft will be available as a kit, fast-build kit or with full factory assistance, either in the UK or Australia.

Condor’s statement said, “The Hornet airframe has a long and tough history, with some aircraft having logged over 4,000 hours working in the Australian outback.

“Condor are bringing the Turboprop Hornet STOL to the UK, the first already under construction in Yorkshire. Flight testing and certification will continue into 2023, after which the aircraft will be made available to customers.

“For those interested, please email your expression of interest, as all sales will be on a first come, first served basis.”


AAK Hornet STOL – Condor plans to install the 130hp Heron turboprop in one of these

Among the benefits Condor and AAK are claiming for the Turbine Hornet STOL are:

  • Agile performing aircraft with 130hp Turboprop.
  • High altitude cruising.
  • Crisp and delightful easy controls for long hours in the cockpit.
  • Optional cockpit layouts to include two seat side by side or tandem, single seat + cargo.
  • Docile and forgiving flight handling matched with highly responsive and effective controls, ideal for bush operations and rough field performance.
  • Excellent STOL performance
  • Extra-large cargo area with access door
  • Integrated chrome-molly steel cage for strength and safety
  • Airframe and controls designed for minimum maintenance requirements
  • Full metal airframe using certified materials
  • Rugged undercarriage for operation from rough terrain with wheel sizes up to 29in x 6in low pressure with heavy-duty brakes
  • Removable doors, for flying in hot conditions
  • Hard points for external cargo, wings and fuselage.

Condor Group (Click here for contact email)
Heron Engines
AAK Australian Aircraft Kits

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