Dramatic Draco crash caught on video

Draco crash

Extraordinary footage has emerged of Draco, the turbine powered Wilga show aircraft built and flown by Mike Patey, suffering a devastating ground loop followed by an equally unusual video by Patey explaining what happened.

“I just crashed my plane,” said Patey. “Definitely was my fault. So silly, so dumb. I hope we all learn something and become better pilots from my mistake.

“I’m heartbroken. I will learn from my mistake, maybe showing where I failed others may learn as well.”

The accident happened at Reno, Nevada, where the annual national air races have just finished.

“Hit a big gust on takeoff, picked the wing up and turned the belly directly into wind,” continued Patey. “I felt like a kite – I had no control left. Should have picked another runway or not flown.”

The ground loop video

Mike Patey’s video:

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  • Keith Miles says:

    Well, what can you say? He knew what he did, but why?
    An apparent lack of due regard for the conditions, aircraft limitations and the safety of passengers.
    Very lucky indeed for all to walk away seemingly unscathed.

    • Griffith says:

      I saw an exact replay of this about 20 years ago on a private strip in Texas. Actually it was identical except the plane (C185 with Robertson STOL) caught fire killed all on board when wings separated causing fire.
      Heard screaming But couldn’t help.
      Mike Patey while a energetic guy & certainly smart left his brain Somewhere else that day.
      I don’t believe he’s able to fathom how lucky he is that that thing didn’t catch fire !

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