EASA prepares for Brexit with approvals process

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The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is to start processing some applications for Third Country approvals from existing UK approval holders – that’s maintenance, production, and pilot training and medical organisations – as part of its preparations for Brexit.

“As the withdrawal and transitional agreement negotiations are currently underway, EASA cannot yet determine the ultimate impact of the withdrawal on EASA or its stakeholders within the EU-27 and 4 associated countries or within the UK,” says EASA.

“The withdrawal will significantly alter EASA’s cooperation with UK authorities and will not leave EASA’s stakeholders untouched. As the withdrawal process evolves more certainties will emerge.”

“Negotiations for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal are ongoing at the time of this notification. The final outcome of those negotiations cannot be pre-empted.

“Applicants must therefore bear in mind that this initiative is being launched in anticipation of a possible so-called ‘no deal’ scenario which would result in the United Kingdom’s effective withdrawal as of midnight (00h00) on 29 March 2019.

“However, in case of a positive outcome to the negotiations a transition period of 21 months until 31 December 2020 will be opened, during which everything will remain as it is today, and during which current approvals would remain valid until that date or their expiry date whichever comes first.”

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  • Nigel Rosendale says:

    Don’t see why there’s a problem. EASA rules and regs were probably developed from a majority of the CAA rules and regs especially on medicals as Britain has such a good hospital and patient record system. With regard to the other stuff I’m sure the CAA under ICAO rules has a damn good standing on all issues.

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