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European network of helicopter training academies launched

A pan-European network of independent helicopter training schools launched last week called The Leading Helicopter Academies.

The Leading Helicopter Academies (LHA) is committed to raising standards by combining their strengths and industry knowledge, and providing better services, training and support for governments, organisations and other helicopter companies. Not just developing piloting skills, but also tailoring talents to the professional needs and requirements of the current helicopter market.

The ten founding members of the Leading Helicopter Academies are European Helicopter Center (Norway), Heli Austria, Helibravo (Portugal), HeliCentre (Netherlands), Heli-flight (Germany), Helicopter Groundschool (Belgium), LION Helicopters (Czech Republic), Mountain Flyers (Switzerland), Pole-Air (France) and Superior Air (Greece).

“We can offer a lot in terms of the newest helicopters and training in different flying conditions, but a European network covering the whole of Europe can offer so much more,” said Elias Sofianos, CEO and owner of Superior Air.

“It is first and foremost our students who benefit from this, in that all the European helicopter schools now have a common arena for experience, exchange and safety work.

“Being part of the Leading Helicopter Academies means that we can provide the full spectrum of training for pilots at all levels. That’s great for training and the organisations we work with.”

The LHA has a combined fleet of 135 helicopters, providing over 16,000 hours of training every year, with more than 80 flight instructors at 63 bases all over Europe.

One result is that pilots can learn to fly in all types of terrain and weather conditions, for all kinds of roles and missions. From ab-initio to specialised operations, customised to specific requirements.

The network supports the full spectrum of specialisms. Professional qualifications, across a wide range of skills, ratings and missions (IR, MCC, PBN, ME, SPO, etc.). More than 3,000 helicopter pilots have already been trained by members of the LHA.

All LHA members are EASA Approved Training Organisations (ATO), or expert providers of advanced and specialised training services.

Superior Air provides 17 different helicopter courses with a fleet of 16 training helicopters and is both an EASA Approved Training Academy (ATO) and commercial operator holding an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate).

“Our location is perfect for exposing novice flyers to a variety of conditions, such as flying over mountains, operations over water and training between Greek islands,” said the company.

Leading Helicopter Academies (LHA)

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