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How to train a business jet pilot? In the sim of course

Cessna Citation M2 Gen 2
Cessna Citation M2

How do you train a pilot to fly a business jet? The aircraft are smaller, lighter, sometimes faster and new ones are often equipped with the very latest avionics. Whether the pilot is an experienced professional or clutching a brand new ATPL, the answer is going to include specific training on a flight simulator.

Textron Aviation not only owns Cessna, manufacturer of Citation business jets, but also its own simulator companby TRU Simulation + Training. Put the two together and it’s perhaps no surprise that the latest Cessna Citation CJ3+/Cessna Citation M2 Gen2 Convertible Full-Flight Simulator is made by TRU and one is on its way to train European pilots. The new simulator is scheduled to be ready for training at FlightSafety International’s Farnborough, England Learning Center in January 2025.

FlightSafety provides training for pilots, technicians and other aviation professionals from 167 countries and independent territories. The company’s Farnborough location offers EASA training for corporate and regional aircraft.

“We are excited to expand our extensive Cessna Citation training network into the region. Our partnership with Textron Aviation and TRU will provide a high-fidelity training device and enable us to deliver a high-quality training experience to our mutual customers,” said Brian Moore, CEO and Director of Operations, FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training.

TRU flight simulator
TRU's latest flight simulator for the Cessna Citation M2 Gen 2 and Citation CJ3+ business jets

Equipped with the latest Garmin G3000 avionics, the simulator features real aircraft parts throughout the cockpit, ensuring an accurate representation of the aircraft. TRU’s design incorporates its third-generation control loading system that produces a highly realistic flight experience.

“Pilot training is critical to our industry’s success,” said Jerry Messaris, vice president and general manager, TRU Simulation + Training. “We’re pleased to provide a world-class training device to compliment the legendary Cessna Citation lineup.”

The full-flight motion of the simulator integrates TRU’s REALCue system that uses an electric motion base with 42-inch-stroke actuators. The visual system is equipped with FlightSafety’s VITAL 1150 Image Generation system, a large array of high-resolution airfield models and high-definition projectors on a 200×40 degree display, creating an immersive training environment.

TRU built the simulator using its latest frame design, which supports configurable seating and IOS arrangement and improved quick, easy access to internal equipment for device maintenance.

Cessna Citation CJ3 cockpit
Cessna's Citation M2 Gen 2 and CJ3+ jets share a common cockpit based around Garmin's G3000 flightdeck

The Citation M2 Gen2 is a stunning aircraft, with a bang up to date cabin with a luxurious, feature-fulled interior. Performance includes a maximum cruise speed of 404 knots true airspeed and a range of 1,550 nautical miles. The aircraft can operate at airports with runways as short as 3,210 feet and will climb to 41,000 feet in 24 minutes. The Citation M2 Gen2 is designed for single-pilot operation and features two Williams FJ44 engines, updated touch-controlled Garmin G3000 avionics and seating for seven passengers.

TRU Simulation 


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