ForeFlight launches feature-packed Sentry Plus ADS-B receiver

Foreflight Sentry Plus

Foreflight has announced a ADS-B receiver, Sentry Plus, with a bunch of new features including longer battery life, flight data recorder, g-Load meter, support for FLARM traffic, and more.

Sentry Plus was developed with avionics company uAvionix who also manufacture it. The price is US$799, and it’s available from Sporty’s Pilot Shop in the US and SkyFox and CAE Aviation in Europe.

“We continue to expand the Sentry family of affordable ADS-B products with the most advanced portable receiver yet,” said Tim Schuetze, ForeFlight President.

Foreflight says Sentry Plus integrates all the capabilities of prior Sentry devices, including ADS-B In weather and traffic, WAAS GPS, carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring and alerting, AHRS pitch and bank, and more, with new features in a new compact design.

Foreflight video

Its most prominent feature, a 1.3in OLED screen, displays connection information and live flight metrics, including a new g-Load meter to monitor and record inflight acceleration. The case maximises GPS and ADS-B antenna reception, and it has a claimed 18+ hour battery life.

One of the new features is a flight data recorder to automatically record, save, and transfer detailed track logs to ForeFlight Mobile for post-flight review and logging. There’s also Auto Power On/Off setting while connected to ship power, and Hobbs time tracking for flight logging.

And in what’s said to be a first for portable receivers, Sentry Plus’s antennas are optimised for concurrent UAT and European FLARM reception, enabling pilots in Europe to see and avoid nearby traffic using FLARM.

Sentry Plus’s Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) also provides a real-time depiction of aircraft pitch and bank in ForeFlight.

Just like its predecessor, Sentry Plus has a built-in carbon monoxide sensor and alerting system, with an audio and in-app alert when CO concentration reaches hazardous levels. The LED indicator also provides a visual indication of CO levels.


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