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It's a family affair for TUI captains

TUI family flight! From left: Tom Brewis, Hayley and Henry. Photo: TUI
TUI family flight! From left: Tom Brewis, Hayley and Henry. Photo: TUI

Three pilots on a TUI flight to Cancun had something in common: Captain Henry Brewis was joined in the cockpit by wife Hayley and brother Tom.

“With 100 years of flying experience between us at TUI, it seemed fitting to celebrate this milestone together 35,000 feet in the air,” said Henry.

“This was the first time we have ever flown together as a trio. I haven’t flown with my brother for more than 38 years but Hayley and I fly together quite regularly.”

Henry and his brother have been pilots at TUI for 37 years and Hayley for 26 years.

Henry continued: “People often wonder what it’s like to work with your family but flying a plane together really takes things to a whole new level. We don’t have the standard breakfast conversation about the weather, instead will be discussing how the weather will impact the flight route for the day ahead.”

It was already a special flight for Henry and Hayley. It was the first time they’ve flown together since she returned to the role after recovering from breast cancer.

“Hayley is truly an inspiration,” said Henry. “It’s a big celebration to be back in the cockpit with her once again and cancer free. As soon as she was cleared, she was eager to get back into flying once again.”



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