PAL-V appoints UK’s Phil Harwood for flying car training

PAL-V flying car

Flying car developer PAL-V has appointed the UK’s Dr Phil Harwood as Head of Training. Phil will be setting up flight academies for PAL-V at several locations.

The PAL-V is a combination of a three-wheeled car that banks through turns like a motorcycle – or aircraft – and a gyrocopter. The main rotor and propulsion propeller unfold to convert the road vehicle into an aircraft.

Dutch company PAL-V recently unveiled the final production version of the flying car and is going through the final stages of approvals with both motor vehicle authorities and EASA. It expects to deliver its first flying cars in about 18 months, according to Robert Dingemanse, CEO and founder, in this interview:

Phil Harwood will be responsible for establishing and overseeing the global PAL-V Instructor and PAL-V Pilot Training and Accreditation programmes.

Phil has more than 6000 hours instructing on gyroplanes, making him one of the most experienced gyroplane instructors in the world. He is a Senior Gyroplane Flight Examiner in the United Kingdom and the Chairman of the International Association of Professional Gyroplane Training (IAPGT).

Phil Harwood

Phil Harwood is PAL-V’s new Head of Training and will set up the PAL-V FlyDrive Academies

Phil has written several books on gyroplanes including the Gyroplane Pilots Handbook, the internationally acclaimed manual for learning to fly a gyroplane, and also runs the York branch of the UK’s Gyrocopter Experience network.

“80% of PAL-V’s current customers do not have their pilot licence yet,” said Robert Dingemanse. “Therefore, the availability of high quality pilot training is very important to our customers.

“We are very happy that Phil Harwood is now part of our team and has taken responsibility for all our training activities. Training is provided through accredited PAL-V FlyDrive Academies. Becoming a car-flyer through our programme is a life-changing experience with a lot of fun and satisfaction.


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  • Rob Pritchard says:

    Do you need to need to drive to the airfield or can we use the motorway for take offs and landings?

  • Lloyd Owens says:

    Alas, in developed countries, from an airfield only. And with a reported price of €600,000 in the UK, why would you not instead buy, for example, a new Pipistrelle 2 seat aeroplane for €200k plus a new 4/5 seat car for €40k and thus save €360k? And can you imagine how much it will cost to insure this €600,000 toy : (

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