See W&B layout with latest Garmin Pilot update

Garmin Pilot

Heavily loaded and trying to balance the aircraft? The latest features for Garmin’s Pilot app might help.

The latest update to Garmin Pilot app for iPad or iPhone is a graphical weight & balance feature which displays a detailed view of the aircraft layout to see where the weight is loaded, in addition to looking at traditional moment / arm charts. Another new feature is support for the uAvionix Sky Echo 2.

Garmin has enhanced Pilot’s weight & balance feature to include a new graphical layout of the aircraft which shows passenger seating, cargo and fuel stations. The graphical depiction allows the pilot to visualise where the weight is located, enabling easier adjustments to ensure they are within the limits of the aircraft.

Frequent passengers and cargo can be saved as favorites within the weight & balance feature, enabling the pilot to quickly add weight to the calculations.

The uAvionix Sky Echo 2 is now compatible with Garmin Pilot and can display ADS-B traffic targets where available. Additionally, European users can access digital versions of Aeronautical Information Publications (AIPs) and VFR manuals within the document viewer.


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