Tecnam slips into luxury mode with P2010

Tecnam P2010 Gran Lusso
Tecnam P2010 Gran Lusso

Italian manufacturer Tecnam showed a new version of its four-seat P2010 at AERO, the Gran Lusso, a luxury version with leather upholstery throughout and carbon fibre insets.

The version at the show was the P2010 TDi, equipped with the 170hp Continental CD-170 turbodiesel and a full Garmin glass cockpit.

This is Tecnam’s official Gran Lusso video:

After the show, Tecnam said it had sold 85 aircraft during the four-day event with further orders to come. The top-seller was the new P-MENTOR, the IFR two-seater aimed at flight schools. However, the PO2010 TDi, including the Gran Lusso, also sold well.


tecnam P2010

Tecnam P2010 Gran Lusso interior

Tecnam P2010 TDi Fast Facts

Max cruise speed 140kt
Stall speed (flaps down) 53kt
Ceiling 18,000ft
Take off run 425 m)
Take off distance 674m
Rate of climb 740ft/min
Landing distance 546 m
Range 961nm
Maximum Take Off Weight 1,200kg
Useful load 380kg
Fuel consumption 19.5 lt/h

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