Permit aircraft welcome for DIY at ATS Aero

ATS Aero

Working on your aircraft is one of the great delights of owning a Permit aircraft such as a homebuilt or classic, but you need somewhere to work. Even better, somewhere where there are specialist tools and services available, and perhaps an engineer who can bail you out.

ATS Aero at Wycombe Air Park is keen to offer their assistance to LAA aircraft owners for repairs, mods, maintenance etc.  Although ATS Aero’s core customers are certified GA fixed wing and helicopters, they also maintain and hangar a number of LAA aircraft.

The staff include three LAA inspectors and there is a wealth of experience in-house maintaining and repairing everything from vintage and warbird aircraft, through air race and aerobatic mounts. Their experience extends to all types of structures from wood, steel tube and fabric, through aluminium to composites, as well as the standard GA machines.

The hangar is heated and well-lit and there is a lounge, tea, coffee and of course Woody, the hangar dog.

ATS Aero can offer space in the hangar for aircraft and access to specialist tooling: sparkplug cleaner, compression tester, shop air, three phase electricity, an on-site CAA approved welder, sheet metal tools if needed etc. Plus there’s also guidance to help work through an annual inspection or modifications.

“We can either do the whole task or offer assistance to the owner if they want to do the job,” said Nigel Dickinson, managing director, who also happens to be in the middle of his own Taylorcraft/Auster rebuild.

ATS Aero

ATS Aero

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