UK aviation leaves EASA at end of Brexit transition

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From 1 January 2021, aviation in the UK will be regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) rather than the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

How will this affect General Aviation in the UK?

The CAA says, “For the vast majority of UK Private Pilot Licence holders, you will continue to be legally valid for the operation of UK-registered aircraft from 1 January 2021.

“The CAA will continue to issue and reissue pilots’ licences when they are lost or damaged, when details needs to be changed or pilots’ privileges are updated, as we do now. Over time this would this include removing references to EASA.”

Of course, there are many questions over the details. FLYER took a bunch of questions from readers to the CAA and their answers are in a special feature in the latest issue of the magazine. Read it here

The CAA has also been proactive in trying to provide answers and advice. It has created a special micro-site where it is updating its advice to pilots, aircraft owners and operators, training and maintenance organisations. The GA part of the micro-site is here.

The CAA has also staged a series of webinars for different parts of aviation, including two on GA. Here’s a recording.

Following the live webinars (hosted on Thursday 26 and Friday 27 November 2020), the CAA undertook to follow up on questions they couldn’t answer at the time.   An extensive set  Q&A of outstanding questions is on the micro-site.

The full series of CAA webinar recordings are here.

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